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The Kliggy's Karts Difference

About Royal Electric Golf Carts

Royal EV believes in putting safety, performance and reliability first so our customers can expect many years of enjoyment out of our golf carts. Whether your golf cart needs are for personal use and or commercial use, we have the perfect golf cart solution for just about every need.

Royal's founders have spent the last six years selling and servicing many different brands and models of golf carts. Because of their experience, they realized most golf carts lack the safety and performance features needed as more and more families and businesses rely on golf carts in their everyday lives.

Royal EV's  mission is to engineer, design and manufacture the most modern, safe, and highest quality golf carts the industry has ever seen or experienced. Their goal will always be to set the bar higher, and be the benchmark in the industry in terms of safety, engineering and customer satisfaction.

About Kliggy's Karts

Our state-of-the-art showroom is in Kennesaw at 1619 Collins Road Northwest.

Kliggy's Karts Showroom

No Pressure!  No Pushing!  No Hard Sale Tactics!

Our philosophy is to educate customers so that they can make the best decision when purchasing their golf cart.  It is so much more important to educate the customer rather than trying to sell them.  Good old fashion listening and consulting to best assist a patron in determining what their needs might be.  Now that is a win – win situation!

What our clients are saying...

Nothing speaks louder than real feedback from real clients - take a look at our reviews and if you are a client - please leave a review for Kliggy's Karts!

Amber Strawn

November 9, 2023
Went in looking for a four seater and came out with coolest six seater ever! The cart is very well built and has plenty of power and speed. Matt was our sales person, he was great and answered my many questions. Reggie had it tuned perfectly and ready for pick-up just in time to go trick or treating!!

Jonathan Ebert

November 2, 2023
I have had my cart now for 2 years and I love everything about it. And here is the best part, even if you do have an issue, which I had a small one with the windshield that they fixed, they are always willing to stand by their products. I can send a text to the owner and he responds back within the day. You can go spend 40% more on another brand, or spend less here and get the same if not better quality in some parts. No brainer. Highly recommend Kliggy’s and the Royal brand.

F Clay

October 16, 2023
"Yeah... I have the best Kliggy Kart ever made... I use it to go practice golf at The Frog, drive my wife to the club house for lunch and I do my joy rides with my buddies... and fun rides with the grands. Sturdy and beautiful... great service.... I enjoy my ride that sits perfectly in the garage. Life is Good...I will never be apart from my Kliggy Kart!" 5+

John Leggett

October 3, 2023
Purchased a beautiful Royal EV. All red. Red and black seats. It’s sweet! Great company to deal with.

Matthew Albertus

September 20, 2023
Reggie absolutely crushed it for me. He was knowledgeable and professional. He helped me set up Bluetooth and ensured I was completely satisfied. Took care of me in 15 minutes. Great work!

Christi Womack

September 14, 2023
I have a six seater C6 that the fuse blew. Chris the technician was fantastic quick and answered questions we were not certain about. Great communication and customer service with Kliggy and Matt. Definitely will refer to Kliggys Karts.Thanks for a great experience.

mary maloy

September 6, 2023
We are retired and live in a widespread neighborhood. We wanted a nice reliable golf cart for socializing and going back and forth to the barn and around our property. Everyone that we dealt with at Kliggy’s Kart’s was delightful. Kliggy, the owner made sure we got exactly what we were looking for down to some of my personal preferences. Matt, our saleman kept us updated on delivery and other details.Reggie, our delivery man, made sure that everything was in working order and was very knowledgeable in making adjustment for us. Great company! I highly recommend you check them out!

Tom Maloy

September 6, 2023
I didn't know Kliggy's from Adam's house cat until I walked in last month just to take a look. Matt greeted me and gave me the grand tour of the showroom and the various models of Royal carts. I had looked at Royal's competitors and Royal comes out on top in my book. Needless to say after some price comparisons, I purchased the Royal "Crown" (the best value for the money). It has all the features I need and more. After Kliggy's delivered the cart, my wife and I took it on a "shake out" cruise, which was excellent . . . more power and speed than the competition and good braking, better looking too. We looked for, and found a few minor things that needed attention and Reggie came back immediately and tweaked it to perfection. I couldn't be happier with the Cart and the service. We found that everyone we dealt with at Kliggy's (Matt, Reggie and Kliggy) gave us and our cart their full attention. I would recommend Kliggy's Karts to anyone.

Thomas Maloy

September 6, 2023
I purchased a Royal cart from Kliggy's Karts and love it. The carts outdo their competition and the service at Kliggy's is excellent. I found that when I bought the cart, I also got the full attention of Matt, Reggie and Kliggy himself. Love the cart, love the service. I would recommend Kliggy's carts to anyone.

John Michael Brunetti

August 29, 2023
Great golf cart and it comes with all the bells and whistles. Kliggy's made the process easy and delivered the new golf cart to my house free of charge. When I needed a replacement part, they sent it right to my home!

Drew Ferguson

August 27, 2023
Kliggy and staff were extremely knowledgeable, kind, and responsive through the buying process. We love the new golf cart, and Kliggy and staff continue to be helpful if we have any questions. Thanks for a great experience, definitely recommend!

Joe Hardiman

August 24, 2023
I highly recommend Kliggy's Karts and their Royal EV golf carts. In my view these carts are better in every way than the offerings from Club Car, EZ GO, Yamaha, and others. The Royal EV is well built, has a lot of standard features, and the lithium ion batteries and motors they use in these things really perform! (30mph +, but you can have the speed dialed down if you want). Even better is that they have all the right qualifications and paperwork to license their carts as Low Speed Vehicles (LSV) in the state of Georgia, which allows you to take the cart on roads that are up to 35mph speed limit. Kliggy, Matt, and Reggie are a great team and you will really enjoy doing business with them!!

Karen Bakshi

August 18, 2023
I am very pleased to share my experience with Kliggy Karts. My husband and I were welcomed upon arrival. We were very impressed with the staff and the product. They were very professional and had exactly what we were looking for. Matt was kind enough to provide me with a driving lesson. When we got the Cart delivered it had a few loose bolts. Matt and Kliggy sent Reggie to the house and he immediately took care of the problem. From start to finish Kliggy Karts is a great place to purchase Golf Carts.

Jason Jewett

August 10, 2023
We traveled down from Cartersville to check out Kliggy's when we were considering a golf cart for our family. They did not disappoint, Matt what tremendous in helping us to find what we needed and very knowledgeable about all of the spec and what their carts could do and could not do in comparison with others. It was a pleasure to work with a group that was very earnest during all proceedings, including delivering the cart to us the very same day we purchased. Reggie delivered the cart and gave another run through, and was also extremely friendly and easy to work with. Looking forward to getting a ton of use out of it, would recommend Kiggy's to everyone. What you see is what you buy, nothing needs to be added!

Katelyn Dobson

July 25, 2023
Thank you Matt for all the help with this golf cart!! We couldn’t have asked for a better golf cart. We greatly appreciate Kliggy’s and the service they provided

A McLeod

June 25, 2023
Our neighbors bought a cart in 2022 from Kliggy and the jealousy overcame me a few Months ago so we “stopped by to take a look”. Since we already had a street legal cart, we knew we had to go bigger and better and boy did they come through. Matt could not have been nicer and from the moment we stepped inside, we knew we had to get one. Built to our specifications, this cart is the mother of all carts. Bluetooth, lCD screen, cooler, and it stays at 31 mph with a max of 41 thus far. Greta family cart, price was right and the service has been outstanding. Well done Kliggy.

Matthew Dietz

June 8, 2023
My cart had some issues Kliggy and Reggie made it a point to come and take care of it. I would recommend anyone that wants to get a cart to go see Kliggy and his crew.

Janne Sharpe

June 3, 2023
The customer service by "Xena", Kliggy and Matt is beyond superb! This cart is beautiful...such a fun ride...very well made! After looking at all the other brands we realized there is no comparison to The Royal EV sold at Kliggy's. You won't be disappointed...Go see these guys! Mark & Janne'

Austin Merritt

May 16, 2023
We are really happy with our golf cart. It offers all the bells and whistles for a much lower price than other brands. And it looks awesome. Thank you!

Keisha Bottino

April 29, 2023
This is the only place I would even consider buying a new cart from! Great customer service!! The guys here go above and beyond! Thank you guys again

Ryan Napier

April 25, 2023
Kliggy’s Karts was amazing from start to finish. From the very first call from Kliggy on how informative he was, to the sales rep Matt Bohn that took my wife and I through every option possible it was industry leading service. We had a hiccup with the roof of our cart, and Kliggy / Matt / Reggie did everything they could to make it right. Buying a cart can be overwhelming, and I promise these guys can make it a cake walk! Cheers Fellas, appreciate all you did.

Ryan Napier

April 25, 2023
Kliggy’s Karts was amazing from start to finish. From the very first call from Kliggy on how informative he was, to the sales rep Matt Bohn that took my wife and I through every option possible it was industry leading service. We had a hiccup with the roof of our cart, and Kliggy / Matt / Reggie did everything they could to make it right. Buying a cart can be overwhelming, and I promise these guys can make it a cake walk! Cheers Fellas, appreciate all you did.

Michael Dickey

April 21, 2023
Just got my cart a week ago - could not be happier. Ordering was a breeze and the cart arrived much faster than I expected. Great quality, fast, and loaded with options. Two of my friends liked it so much that they each bought one. They delivered to my door and went over the cart and followed up every few days to make sure I was satisfied and answered any questions. Great cart, great price!

Jake Llewallyn

April 13, 2023
Aside from the luxury, custom, super cart. I can't say enough about this place, it's owner, and the employees. Kliggy, the owner, is absolutely incredible. The financing option, if you're interested, is super simple. One phone call and you're approved within 1 hour. Also, your custom super cart is delivered within 1 week, free of charge, to your home. We shopped 4 different dealers and Kliggy was BY FAR the number 1! I wouldn't recommend any other dealer if you're in the market for a golf cart. I don't write reviews often, but I felt compelled to do so, given the amazing product, service, unmatched warranty, and people at Kliggys!

WIlliam Maynard

March 29, 2023
We purchased a new Royal EV golf cart from Kliggy on 3/24. Kliggy was absolutely the best. He was very responsive during the initial inquiry sending us pics of what we were looking for. We went to his store, he had a cart ready for a test drive and he turned us loose on our own. Kliggy was never pushy and a joy to deal with. Would highly recommend to anyone! If you are looking from a cart, you need to go see Kliggy - he's straight forward and extremely customer focused., How many people make it a point to call you after the transaction and "thank you" for your business!!!! Class Act!!

Calvin Lovett

March 21, 2023
Updated post: I am posting an update to my previous review to ensure I give the most up to date status on my Golf Cart. The issue with my tires was properly addressed they replaced both the tires and rims to ensure a better ride experience. The ride and handling of the golf cart is great I appreciate their Tech coming out and doing a great job getting my golf cart back to optimal level. Thanks for the support it’s truly appreciated. This cart has many capabilities that is not highlighted in the brochure that makes this cart a cut above many on the market. I am still a bit disappointed that I can’t get the battery upgrade as promised. Updated post: I have to post an update to my original review and I am sad to say I am a bit disappointed in the maintenance service. I called, texted, and emailed the owner and manager about a few issues on my six seater kart. They promised me someone would come out to address the issue. Their Tech along with the owner’s young relative came out and tried to fix one of the issues with the front passenger side tire. They thought issue with the ruff ride was the tire alignment I told them the tire had a flat spot in it. They did what they thought would resolve the issue unfortunately it didn’t. I also complained about the squeaky window. They did replace it with a new one. The last thing was the brakes squeaking real bad. I am still waiting all that to be addressed and they stood me up four times saying that they would have someone come out and check it. I asked do I need to bring the car to you and they told me no they would send someone out especially since the only state a few miles from my home. I requested do not worry from lead acid batteries to lithium batteries and I was made promises that he would get done months have passed. It is still not scheduled to be done. I like my golf kart and they seem like a great company but this is unacceptable especially for the amount of money these golf karts cost. Original post: I have been researching and looking for a golf cart for about 15 months I was close to purchasing a Club Car until I saw the Royal EVs. We went to a different dealership and were getting ready to pull the trigger until I spoke with Kliggy. He was a straight shooter and knew his golf carts talked about the Royal Crown 6 and I agreed to stop by to see it. The staff was awesome, helpful, and did not try to pressure or up sell me on anything. I ended up buying an awesome Royal Crown L6 and this cart is loaded with features, handles well, speed is not an issue, and it’s electric. It’s a 6 seater that looks amazing and responds like a beast even with 6 beefy people in it. I have several large hills in my neighborhood and I have zero issues riding at a decent speed throughout my neighborhood. The golf cart and the dealership is awesome and I recommend them 100% you won’t be disappointed.

Russell Byrne

March 15, 2023
Cannot say enough good things about David and Kliggy Carts. Bought a cart from them in 2022 and ran into an issue with getting it registered recently (nothing Kliggy did). I contacted him and let him know my issue and he was more than happy to assist me even a year after purchase. Says a lot about a company when they will help a customer out down the road when it could have been easy to tell me "that's no our issue". If you are in the market for a cart, you should definitely call David!

Mark Spencer

March 14, 2023
I just bought my second Royal EV from Kliggy, as our family is growing. We moved up from a four seater to a six seater. Kliggy does a great job and really stands behind his product.

Shaun Michael

March 14, 2023
We traveled 45 minutes from our home in Milton to Kennesaw just to visit Kiggys Karts. I am so glad we did! We had been looking for a new golf cart for our family for weeks. We looked at the big brands, but I wasn’t impressed by their overpriced offerings and lack of customization. I then found Kliggys online and went and visited them with my family. David Kliggy was great in showing us all the carts in their inventory. We took a test drive and were instantly impressed by the quality and speed of the Royal EV. Royal EV is a newer brand, and David went into great detail about why they were so unique. They are built in America and based out of Georgia. Royal EV is already offering 72-volt carts with Lithium Ion batteries. I visited four places before visiting David, and NO ONE had 72-volt golf carts with Lithium batteries. NO ONE has these at this price point, and NO ONE can take a custom order and turn it around as good as Kliggys Karts. We ordered the cart in a custom green color and got custom saddle diamond-stitched seats (I AM IN LOVE). They were worth every penny! It took about a month to get our cart, and David’s staff delivered it directly to our front door. We’ve owned the golf for six months, and it’s been great. My only concern was what would happen when we had issues. I’ve never owned a golf cart and wasn’t sure how that would work. This is where David Kliggy and his team shined. I had an issue where our Audio Unit wasn’t working well, and the backup camera was going in/out. David sent a technician to my house. The technician diagnosed a bad unit and replaced it in about an hour in my garage. Amazing service! I got a custom golf cart with the best technology at a price no one could beat. David made the buying process as easy as possible. Their fast service made me confident that we will have any issues fixed quickly and easily in the future. I have raved about him to all of our neighbors and friends, and I am sure this Spring/Summer, we’ll see a lot more Kliggy Karts in our neighborhood. Royal EV has impressed me as a brand, and I have no regrets about going with them and Kliggys Karts!

Brandon Sullivan

March 3, 2023
Matt and Reggie were amazing in our visits to the showroom. Matt spent a lot of time showing us around and explaining the different options in the carts and how they compared. The greatest thing was there was ZERO pressure to purchase! After purchase, they were quick to deliver the cart (a week ahead of schedule) and have been available to answer questions even after the deal was complete. We will only use Kliggys in the future.

Brian Powell

February 27, 2023
Matt took the time to educate me on everything about today’s golf carts, and Kliggy does business the way I like to do business - super transparent & honest. I’m sending all my friends who are in the market to Kliggy’s.

James Trani

February 15, 2023
Great experience buying and servicing our cart. Kliggy is super responsive and really provides amazing carts. Highly recommend

Melissa Powers

February 9, 2023
Matt and Kliggy were great to work with, and we love our new golf cart.

Givehub Kyle Salone

February 2, 2023
Kliggy and his team were amazing from start to finish. Loved doing business with them and am happily referring them to friends.

Eileen Flores

January 13, 2023
Kliggly's truly sells top knotch golf karts with hassle free, smooth transactions and delivery. Shout out to Kliggly, Matt and Reggie who did not disappoint providing outstanding customer service.

Anna Thalman

January 5, 2023
Very happy with my experience and the golf cart I bought! It’s an excellent value for the price and the customer experience was great all around. Matt made sure to answer all our questions and allowed us to thoroughly test out the options. Reggie stayed out late to deliver the cart to our house before Christmas even though traffic was terrible. I’m so grateful to everyone on the team. Thanks for helping our family’s golf cart dreams come true!

Shannon Johnson

December 19, 2022
Both Matt and Kliggy were such a pleasure to work with. Matt helped me understand the differences in the carts and various options to ensure I made the right decision for our family. They delivered a beautiful new LSV to our home. Kliggy continued to follow up to ensure we were happy and everything was working as expected. Thank you Matt and Kliggy for a wonderful experience!

Deebo Bryant

December 16, 2022
Kliggy and his team have been amazing. They've worked to make sure our cart is just how we needed it. Anytime we've called or text they've been responsive and super helpful.

Eileen Flores

November 8, 2022
New customer here and my experience thus far has been phenomenal. I would very highly recommend this establishment and will provide a more detailed review once I receive my spectacular Golf Cart.

Brent Cartwright

October 3, 2022
Kliggy and his team made it happen. I purchased a 6 seater lithium battery cart and can’t be happier with my purchase. The cart has plenty of power to climb those hills when you have 6 passengers in your cart not to mention it is very fast. Thanks for helping me make this happen from so far away. HOTTY TOTTY from Oxford,Ms

Macheal Nkosinathi

September 24, 2022
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Liz Miller

September 15, 2022
I am so glad I stumbled upon Kliggy’s Karts while doing an online search for golf cart dealers. Kliggy was able to get me the cart I wanted in a short time, he kept me posted on the progress frequently, and even accommodated my request when I changed my mind about the color well after the order was placed. Great job, Kliggy! I am loving my cart.

Dave Ch

September 14, 2022
Kliggy’s Karts is a great place to buy our cart, Kliggy, Matt and Reggie were awesome to work with. We upgraded to Lithium batteries and the cart has great pick up and speed. Guys thanks for working with me on delivery date and I will recommend you to all my friends! Dave

Tony Mendoza

September 1, 2022
I worked with Matthew and Reggie and these guys are top notch, great to work with, and friendly. I have purchased two different golf carts from them!

Georgia Jarrard

August 31, 2022
Best service and buying experience and great cart at a super price! Kliggy stands by everything he says in how he built these carts and provides great customer service. He thought of every detail. So happy with our cart! It’s top of the line and we get so many compliments on it as well.

Stephanie Baugh

August 18, 2022
Kliggy's Karts are awesome! We looked at carts for a while before coming across this cart and we just knew this was the one. Kliggy was very responsive to calls and answered every question we had. Our concern was the hills in our neighborhood and this cart handles them with ease. Royal EV's are top notch! Thank you for building such a nice cart.

Andrew Turner

August 15, 2022
Was a great experience buying my first golf cart. I looked around for several weeks and found these carts have great options for a great price. Several of my friends have purchased one and are very pleased as well.

Adam Glasz

August 15, 2022
We are beyond thrilled with our Kliggy Kart. I researched carts for quite some time before our new home construction was completed. When we walked into Kliggy’s we felt so welcome, and he took the time with us and educated us on everything we needed to know. The customer service we have received has far exceeded our expectations, as he has stayed in touch and assured that we are pleased since he delivered our cart. Additionally, the quality of this cart is far superior to anything else that we’ve seen. Everywhere we go in our cart, people comment on it and ask us about it. We know that we made the right decision, and look forward to many years driving our family around in our Kliggy Kart.

Patrick Martin

August 8, 2022
Working with Kliggy's has been a pleasure. They answer my questions quickly and walked me through the process. A follow up text was even made weeks after purchase to check in. Wish more companies would follow their example. Our family loves the Kart !

Tommy Stiles

July 18, 2022
Love the cart. Love their service even more. I highly recommend Kliggy's to all that ask about our cart.

Marie Daniels

July 17, 2022
From start to finish this was by far the best experience we had when purchasing our 6 seater golf cart. Matt was an awesome salesman and answered all of our questions in addition to educating us on why their carts blew the competition out of the water. We had been to several other dealerships and everything to include seatbelts were an additional fee. Not at Kliggy’s. From the 5 inch lift, touch screen stereo, back up camera, lights, seatbelts throughout the whole cart, high quality roof and seats, and quality tires were just a few of the many upgrades that came with an awesome price. Then, it was arranged that our golf cart got delivered at no additional cost. I cannot say enough about Kliggy’s and the staff that assisted us from buying to delivering our golf cart. Don’t cheat yourself by shopping anywhere else. We drove an hour to check out Kliggy’s inventory and we are so glad we did. Thanks again to all the staff for the time and knowledge that helped us make an informed decision on the purchase of our new golf cart!!!

Nicole Koviak

July 13, 2022
100% recommend Kliggy Golf Carts. Best customer service in the South. Only place we’d ever buy from. Even goes the extra mile months after purchase. Can’t thank them enough.

Lindsay Irvine

July 8, 2022
Kliggys will always be a recommendation from me. The customer service is excellent. Their knowledge is top notch and even after I've had my Cart for several months they still go the extra mile.

David Renfroe

July 1, 2022
Kliggy was awesome to deal with. After having a Royal EV dealer constantly move dates on me and eventually not deliver, I got in touch with these guys and they were awesome to deal with. They also went out of their way to deliver the cart to me in Alabama roughly 4 days after contacting them and scheduling a delivery date. Awesome to work with and Kliggy even followed up post sale to make sure that we were satisfied. My kids absolutely love our new Royal EV and will continue our business with Kliggy.

Kym Haney

June 28, 2022
Great service, great Karts and one of a kind customer service! Kliggy is the best and we are so happy with our new kart!

Elizabeth Webb Wilson

June 28, 2022
Kliggy’s Karts are amazing!! So professional and friendly. Very knowledgeable about the entire golf kart sales and ownership process!! Highly recommend!!

Todd Grzech

June 24, 2022
Purchased my cart from Kliggy's just over a month ago. My wife and I love it. Matt and Reggie were so good to deal with. They walked us through all the options and made sure that we did several test drives. While getting insurance and talking to others, both my insurance agent and a friend of ours who had bought a different brand/model stated "boy did we make a mistake" once they saw our cart. Certainly enjoying!

Jon Goldberg

June 23, 2022
Dave is a pleasure to deal with and the cart is AWESOME!! We needed our cart delivered within a tight timeframe for a special event and Kliggy made it happen!! The cart was the hit of the event!! Aside from being a man of his word, he is an all-around Great Guy!! He and his staff are courteous, professional, and overly accommodating. Best "Bang for the Buck" I've found in a long time. Thanks Dave (Kliggy)!!

Darrell Ford

June 6, 2022
Kliggy's Karts is five stars all around, it is one of the best businesses that I've had the pleasure of purchasing from. The golf carts are very nice, however its Kliggy and his team's customer service that makes them stand out above all the rest. Well done!

Wade Tuggle

May 18, 2022
Purchased a cart from Kliggy’s. The owner Dave is a man that treats his customers well. He truly cares what his customers think and ensures they are satisfied.

Chad Callender

May 3, 2022
My wife and I purchased a 72V cart from Kliggy 2 months ago. I have waited until now to leave a review so I could make sure that we would enjoy the cart and verify its operability in our neighborhood. We live in Seven Hills. I have absolute confidence in this cart handling the steepest of hills!!! The technology on board is second to none! Secondly, the level of service after the sale has been AMAZING to say the least. Kliggy is very involved and really wants to make sure that we are completely satisfied. I cannot recommend this dealership enough! You will not be disappointed in the product and you will be OVERWHELMED with the level of service!

Hannah Spell

May 3, 2022
We have absolutely loved our cart. The features that come standard at this price point are unmatched. Kilggy was super helpful and made the process so easy. We couldnt be happier!

Heather Kligfeld

April 17, 2022
Kliggy is the man! Customers are in great hands and are sure to get top of the line service. Best carts in town!

Arvel Maye

April 4, 2022
Awesome place the buy a golf cart form. The process was so easy Kliggy and Matt were the best. Form the first time I walked into the doors until the day my cart was delivered to me home. I highly recommend them to anyone if you are in the need for a golf cart.

A Wayne Luke

April 4, 2022
Kliggy (aka David) was informative, straightforward, caring and professional. I was a novice to the golf cart discussion and he was patient enough to educate me about features, functionality and practicality of the choices to be made. Throughout the process he was responsive and reliable. Just a few days ago, a shiny, brand new six passenger, 72 volt golf cart was personally delivered to my home by Kliggy. Once again, he took the time to 'show me the ropes' on features and how to care for the cart. I am very pleased with my purchase and equally pleased with the process. I can recommend Kliggy and his product unconditionally.

Shannon Upchurch

March 25, 2022
From the time we entered thru the doors Dave made us feel welcome! He explained in detail about the golf cart since we where new to this. First time meeting him but it felt like we knew him. Our over all experience was GREAT! I highly recommend Kliggy’s Kart.

Trevor Starnes

March 24, 2022
David at Kliggy's Karts did an awesome job from start to finish. The product speaks for itself and was far superior to all other golf carts in the area. For the high quality of the golf cart, the price was very economical. We also had a unique situation requiring transport of the golf cart out of state and eventually out of the country. David was very responsive and helpful in making this happen. Customer service was superior throughout the entire process.

Joseph House

March 17, 2022
Great company & Dave, the owner is even better. Beautiful and top of the line golf carts. The customer service is stellar & very fair prices!

Brantley Basinger

March 14, 2022
Besides having the best carts (Royal EV) in town, Kliggy and his team are truly great people. If you're looking for customer service and a high end cart at an affordable price Kliggy's Karts is your place. I recently purchased a six seater. It's built like a tank and comes w/ all the bells and whistles. The family absolutely loves it!

James Mitchum

March 9, 2022
Super staff, quality products.

DeeAnn Spencer

March 6, 2022
We had the most awesome experience purchasing our new cart from Kliggy's. After looking at all of the big brand carts in Peachtree City, the Royal cart was by far the best value, has the nicest dashboard and has the most equipment of any of the carts we tested. Our 72 volt Crown model four seater has all of the power we could possibly want for driving around Woodstock. Dave was incredibly easy to deal with and he provided great service delivering our cart. We highly recommend Kliggy's Karts!

Glenn Morris

March 5, 2022
Matt and Kliggy went out of their way to give us all the details we needed to make a great decision on the golf cart we chose. We had been looking for quite awhile and feel that we made the perfect choice. They both went out of their way to make sure we had not only a great experience but a great product for our beach house!

Dennis Zullo

March 4, 2022
My experience with Kiggy's Karts was amazing. The company answered all my questions, delivered the cart to my house and went over everything with me. Communication was fantastic and would highly recommend them.

Chip Lee

January 23, 2022
New company and eager to please the customer. Mat and Kliggy were very helpful and delivered what we wanted. Highly recommend Kliggys for you golf cart.

Kenneth Taylor

January 20, 2022
Highly recommend Kliggy's Karts! Great product and excellent company to work with. Kliggy went above and beyond to make sure I was informed during the whole build process and made sure I got my cart in time for a special event. The Royal EV carts are an amazing value given the quality, features, and overall price when compared to some of the other “name brand” manufacturers. If you’re researching golf cart brands and/or which dealer to go with, stop your searching and call Kliggy. You’ll love the product and he’ll make sure you’re taken care of.

Kenneth Taylor

January 20, 2022
Highly recommend Kliggy's Karts! Great product and excellent company to work with. Kliggy went above and beyond to make sure I was informed during the whole build process and made sure I got my cart in time for a special event. The Royal EV carts are an amazing value given the quality, features, and overall price when compared to some of the other “name brand” manufacturers. If you’re researching golf cart brands and/or which dealer to go with, stop your searching and call Kliggy. You’ll love the product and he’ll make sure you’re taken care of.

Tom Longstreth

January 17, 2022
Awesome to work with - love my new cart and Kliggy was great! Went above and beyond.

Donnie Fontaine

December 20, 2021
I bought my from cart from Kliggy’s Karts.Matt was the sales guy and was very informative.If looking to buy a cart,this is the best bang for your buck,hands down.

Melanie Hartline Godfrey

December 16, 2021
I love my Kliggy Kart❣️ They’re super helpful in every way & aim to please! Highly recommend ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Sherrie Stanton Young

November 8, 2021
We have been shopping for a golf cart for some time now. After researching different brands we decided to purchase a Royal brand from Kliggy’s Karts. David was professional and fun at the same time. We love our new golf cart and are pleased with the build quality and features. If you are in the market , check out these carts . Kliggy Karts went out of their way to ensure our cart arrived just in time for trick or treating.

Genevieve L Minetti

October 30, 2021
Great cart combined with greater customer service. Thanks Kliggy and Matt for the continued support!!

Brian Brewer

October 25, 2021
We took delivery on our Royal cart almost a week ago, and so far we are completely delighted. The performance, comfort and range are outstanding and it looks great. We had driven several reconditioned, "upgraded" carts and felt they were either squirrely at higher speeds, didn't offer a very smooth ride or rattled and squeaked. Our brand new Royal cart is rock solid and quiet at all speeds, plus we love the comfy seats, cupholders, seat belts, and the cool progressive turn signals - like our old Mustang GT. To top it off, our brand new Royal cart was very competitively priced with several-year-old reconditioned, lifted carts - but as a brand new 2021 cart, the Royal came with a 3-year warranty. One of the best parts of our experience with our Royal cart was the purchase process. Dave Kligfield, owner of Kliggy's Carts in Kennesaw, answered all our questions in a consultative yet no-pressure manner. We had been looking extensively at reconditioned carts, but were unfamiliar with the Royal brand. Dave knows his carts from the ground up, and once he told us about the regenerative braking, 4 wheel disk brakes and nitrogen filled shocks - we knew the Royal cart was much more than a souped up, reconditioned "golf cart". Dave personally delivered our cart and patiently demonstrated every single feature. Kliggy's Karts provided a sales and delivery experience you would expect from a luxury auto dealer. That professionalism and attention to detail gives us a great deal of comfort not only with the cart itself but with what we can expect when it comes time for service or repairs.

Billy Bowman

October 8, 2021
We just purchased our 6L and couldn’t be more happy. The cart exceeds expectations and doesn’t carry the major price tag of the other brands. Don’t be fooled, the quality is amazing and more features that I expected. David was great to work with. He answered my long list of questions, regularly texted and called to check in and update me on the process. He showed up with the cart to our driveway, explained important functions and followed up after to check in. Superb and very easy to work with. If you’re looking for a cart, don’t waste your time anywhere else and have some faith in this newer brand!

Rashaad Grady

October 7, 2021
I purchased a cart from Kilggy’s Karts and received it last Saturday. The cart exceeded my expectations. David was very helpful and knowledgeable, being this was my first golf cart I’ve ever owned. He delivered the cart to my home and explained in detail all the functions of the cart. I was nervous at first being able to customize the cart and not liking the end results. I’m very satisfied. His team did an excellent job making the cart just the way I wanted it. Thanks again

Jon Ebert

October 3, 2021
Purchased a 6 seater Royal and glad that I did. These carts are built to last and come fully loaded and street legal. We have received a ton of complements in our golf course community where most have carts. Do your research on these before you buy and compare the competition. You will be blown away on the features and build quality especially for the price. As for customer service, Kliggy’s Karts is top notch. Not only do they care about how happy you are before delivery, they are just as much after. Excellent customer service by the owner David and Matthew. Get the lithium battery!!

Rachel Swift

September 17, 2021
We had a great experience purchasing from Kliggy's Karts. David was helpful, knowledgable, and not at all high-pressure. We've had our cart about a month now. It drives great and we are very happy with it.

Bradley Krawczyk

August 14, 2021
I just got my R6L and I LOVE IT! I attempted to purchase a REV elsewhere and, while nice guys, I could never get a response and was asked to check in weekly. When the phone was answered, it was always a “we don’t have any and we should get some more next week.” After a few weeks of this routine, I contacted Matt and within a week I had purchased the cart from Kliggy and took delivery a few days later. It’s easy enough to see the quality in the build and design of the cart itself, but the real value is working with the folks at Kliggy Karts. They were responsive, knowledgeable, and just great people to chat with. I cannot recommend them enough!

Paulette DeBello Canale

August 12, 2021
I love my Kliggy Kart!! David and Matt make an awesome team they explained everything to me every little detail every little extra feature that this cart has that others don’t is unbelievable from the rearview mirror‘s, the blinkers, the back up camera,the ice chest in the back under the backseat… I was never pressured into purchasing it but after I took it for a test drive I was really sold! I have received so many compliments from my neighbors about my Kliggy Kart….They say they’re jealous and that I have the Cadillac of the Karts in our neighborhood…

Todd Marshall

August 12, 2021
I purchased my cart a couple weeks ago and am very satisfied. On my first visit, David and his team provided in great detail features on their carts that separate them from others in the industry. I took one for a test ride and I wasn't pressured into a sale, in fact it never came up. After some research and one more call, I purchased a lifted cart on my next visit and David delivered it same day. There were customizable options but I liked one they just got in earlier that week and had in the store. I've gotten multiple compliments and questions around the neighborhood already. It handles great and feels very safe with the Regen Breaking feature enabled. If you are in the market for a new cart, I highly recommend paying them a visit. -Todd

Nick Petruska

August 12, 2021
Just got a kart from them which they delivered yesterday, love it. Great experience, up graded to lithium battery plus blue tooth stereo & price was better then elsewhere. Thank you David for making our experience great.

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